Bath Artisan fair

red rosesred and liliyI am pleased to be participating in the Bath Artisan Fair this Sunday 14th April. I hope the sun shines….I will show my new colection if ready ‘The Red Collection’ I hope to see lots of friends and family there….Great day out lots to see and do. Live music great food and lots of beauty.

New project

Im going to design some work for a friend of mine who needs to give her home some new life ….I hope she will like this theme as it will fit well with her neutral colours yet add interest and texture pauline

Don’t forget to visit my Facebook page!/FarrarArtDesigns  I am please to say I have nearly 1300 likes …apparently this is good , Im certainly over the moon. It makes me feel great to know that people like the designs I create and helps me carry on creating more , So THANK YOU ALL . Speak soon…. sorry about any spelling mistakes ( creative dyslexic )




Ideal Home

I am going to visit the ideal home exhibition this year . I want to show my work there next year so need to see what is expected.

Im hoping to get some insperation and some help on how to take my work to market.

I have been thinking of Dragons Den, but it seems that they almost want you  to have a everything all sorted out ….I though the idea was you have and idea then they help you develop that idea…. but I have seen some good ideas trashed . I would hate to look like a fool in front of thousands .

might try and create some fantastic designs later for my friends bathroom . Side panel for bath and a bling .blind

Here are some initial designs orckid butterfly green bath design1green wholegreen largeblak greenorchid butterfly greengreen largepale orchid butterfly green blak green